Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Agate and Lace Scarf Pattern

Yoohoo~everybody~! I'm posting something in a million years!
This blog is still alive~yeah!

While I was posting this project on ravelry, I found that the webpage with the "Agate and Lace Scarf Pattern" exists no more! (original link :

It's a very simple, yet very beautiful scarf pattern.

I made it with 3.75mm needles with 5 repeats of the pattern, and it was about 6" wide. In order to get more lace effect, use larger needles than usually recommended for the yarn size.

You can adjust the needle or the yarn size as you want.

The pattern is as below;

* Abbreviation : sl1, k2tog, psso : slip one, knit 2 together, pass slipped stitch over

CO multiply of 10sts + 3sts

Row1 (WS) : Purl all sts
Row2 (RS) : sl 1, k1, [yo, k3, sl1, k2tog, psso, k3, yo, k1] rep[] to last 1 stitch, k1
Rep these two rows until desired length, then Row1 one more time.
Loosely bind off all sts.
Block and sew the beads at the pointy parts.
Tada~ You have a beautiful lace scarf.

* Please do not post this pattern anywhere else without permission. Thanks.*


ziavale67 said...

thanks for the beautiful pattern!

Hpaisan40 said...


This is a beautiful scarf. I think my sister will really like it. I am wondering though... what yarn and how much did you use? Also, what does the *'d line at the end refer to?

Miss Emily

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Miss Emily,

I guess this is a reply little too late! :( Somehow I missed out replying your comment back then! I guess you must have figured it out by now. :P
Anyway, at least for other readers I'm posting this reply.
I used light fingering weight cashmere yarn from ColourMart. It came in a cone, so I'm not sure how long it was. (Sorry! Not very helpful.)
The * marked line was for the explanation of abbreviation, but it might be confusing to read. So, I've edited it to be at the top and marked "abbreviation". :) Thanks!