Monday, December 15, 2008

Snowflakes for my lovely nephew~~

I knitted a fair isle hat and a pair of socks for my almost 4mo old nephew.

I used "Flakey Baby Socks pattern" by annypurls for the socks and whipped up the matching hat pattern using same yarn.

He is super cute wearing them!! :D

For those who wants to make a matching hat for these socks here's what I did.

Flakey Hat with Pompom
This pattern with 6sts=1" gauge (in 2-color st st) will make a hat of 16" circumference, and you can adjust the gauge or the pattern to make it larger or smaller.
  • Materials
    - 4 x 4.0mm DPNs or 1 long circular needle for magic loop (I did the magic loop)
    - Fingering weight yarns in 2 different colors(I used FibraNatura Baby Merino) - each less than 25g (less than 1oz)
    - 1 stitch marker, tapestry needle
RIBWith color A (green in this case) CO 96 sts, join to knit in round placing a stitch marker at the beginning of a row.
work 5 rows of 2x2 rib as following ; p1, (k2, p2)* rep to last 3sts, k2, p1
(I do this instead of k2, p2 all around, because it hides beginning and ending point better.)

CROWNJoin color B (white) and knit each row of below chart 6 times.

When you are done knitting the chart, cut the yarn leaving a tail at least about 7".
Thread the tail through a tapestry needle and go through all remaining 12 sts.
Secure the sts and leave the tail yarn to sew the pompom on later.

Ear flapsCO 15sts work 5 rows in st st.Row1(RS): sl1, ssk, k to last 3sts, k2tog, k1.Row2(WS): sl1, purl across.
Rep these two rows until 3sts are left.
Knit I-Cord with the remaining 3sts to make chin straps.
Make 2 ear flaps and sew them on the bottom hem of the hat.
Make a pompom ( you can get directions from the web) and sew it on at the top of the hat.
(You can block it before you sew the pompom on if you want)

* Please use this pattern for personal / non-profit use only. You may use this pattern for charity knitting or to make projects for charity fundraising. Please do not post this pattern anywhere else without permission. Thanks.*


alittlebitofscrap said...

Very adorable! and so cute :)

HumorMe said...

Adorable! I am just learning Fair Isle, so am looking for some quick and easy patterns to keep me inspired. This is pefect!!

Thank you!!