Saturday, January 07, 2017

Ashwood, Free Knitting Pattern Published on Knitty Winter '16 Issue

My new(ish) pattern was published on the last winter issue of Knitty last month, and I haven't posted it on my blog for a month now! How time flies especially in December.
I began sketching for this style about this time last year. I initially designed it as a long sleeve tunic at first, but thought it looked more stylish in short sleeves.
There were several people who wished it to be long sleeves, so I'm thinking about making a second one for my sister with long sleeves someday. 

I also initially designed this in Rowan Fazed Tweed, but when I requested yarn support I heard that the yarn may get discontinued soon, so I ended up using Plymouth Tuscan Aire. I'm actually happier that I ended up with Tuscan Aire. Though it's a bulky weight yarn, it's actual gram weight per meter is very light due to it's tubular construction, so the sweater is lighter and airier than other cable sweaters in similar gauge. 

Here are more pictures and link to the pattern page;


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