Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bullion stitch cushion..FO

I love it! Finally, I can sit comfortably on my wooden chair.
Now the problem is that it's too cute to sit on . :D

Bullion cushion..adding back side

This poor little thing was sitting in my UFO box for an year and half.

I actually don't own the pattern book, but I memorized only the front, standing at a bookstore when I was visiting Tokyo, because it was a very simple pattern. I didn't know how they finished the back on the book.

The reason why it has been an UFO for so long even though the front was all done is that I was disappointed how the front part turned out. Each bullion was not popping out like the one one the picture of the book, rather it was so flat. Also I couldn't make the sts between the bullions tight like the one in the picture. So I tossed the UFO in the box and forgot about it for long.

Then it showed up when I was organizing my yarn stash couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday, I was looking at the UFO, an idea suddenly came up in my head that adding back made of sc and dc might solve all the issues.

I tested on one bullion. That was right! It was not the pattern's fault! It was mine! Adding the back made the bullions pop out and the gap between each bullion became tight as the FO in the picture!

I was so excited and finished up in a few hours!

Here are some progress shots of how I finished up the back
I simply replaced the coil sts of the front with DC (TC in British crochet terms), and I picked the sts on the edge of the front side as I DC around.

I love how it pops out after adding the back.
If you compare the front two which have back and the ones behind without back, you will see the difference.

Monday, July 13, 2009

My version of Babystøvler

I made these shoes as my friend's baby shower gift based on the pictures of FO's and the progress shots on Ravelry, since I couldn't get the original pattern anywhere.

After finishing this project, I found that I made a little less numbers of ridges at the toe than the original, but I like it as is.

Download the pattern in PDF format

Here is how I made my version of Babystøvler;

  • Yarn: DK / 8 ply weight yarn in 2 different colors
  • Needle: US5/ 3.75mm or size to get the gauge
  • Gauge: 6sts x 12rows (1”sq) in garter st
  • Finished size: New born size / 3.5 inches measured at seam of the sole
With main color, CO21sts.

Work 26 rows in garter st.

1st decrease row: k1, ssk, k to the end of the row
2nd decrease row: k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
Rep the two dec rows once more, and 1st dec row one more time. (16sts left)

1st increase row: k to last 1 st, m1, k1.
2nd increase row: k1, m1, k to the end of the row
Rep the two inc rows once more, and 1st inc row one more time. (21sts left)

Work 25 rows in garter st.

Next row: BO 9sts, k to the end of the row.

With contrasting color, work 4 rows in st st.
With main color, work 4 rows in rev st st.
Rep these 8 rows 3 more times, and work the 4 rows of st st in contrasting colors once more.

This is how it should look like from the wrong side when it's done knitting.

Fold it where the lines are drawn.

Graft stitches on the needle and the cast-on edge using kitchener stitch technique.

Then you will have something like this.

Sew the top edge of toe part using running stitch.

Pull the stitch tight to gather the top edge.

Sew the bottom edge of the toe part same way.

Graft the bottom edge of the bootie. Sew half stitch from each side to make the seam allowance as narrow as possible.

Sew couple of stitches at the bottom of the opening to make the ankle part stand up better.

Now you are done! :) Repeat the other side and admire the cuteness!

* Please use this pattern for personal / non-profit use only. You may use this pattern for charity knitting or to make projects for charity fundraising. Please do not post this pattern anywhere else without permission. Thanks.* 

Barely a Clapotis!

  • Needle: US 8 / 5.0 mm
  • Yarn: Reynolds Soft Sea Wool 3 skeins (486.0 yds)

I started this with only 3 skeins of Reynold’s Soft Sea Wool I had in my stash. I did some research and found handy 1/5 rules of Clapotis. I blindly followed and the rule, thinking I would have a clap-o-scarf(I made up that name :P).

By the time I finished knitting 2 skeins, I realized that my clapotis wouldl be too short! I didn’t think it through that the original clapotis was a SHAWL, which meant the ratio of the width to the length would be bigger than a scarf! :(

Since I overdyed light blue yarn into lavender with KoolAid, there was no way I could get more of the same colored yarn! I considered many different options to solve the issue, such as buying more Soft Sea Wool in a different color and connecting by alternating the two colors as if I intentionally put stripes. However, another problem I ran into was that I couldn’t easily find more of Soft Sea Wool in the LYS close to my office or home (I bought them at The Yarn Connection right before they closed the store.)
Totally frogging and starting it over with a different yarn was not an option for me. Though I love wearing simple designs, I hate knitting one. It’s unbearable to me! Still I wanted to have a clapotis so bad!

So I kept on knitting, hoping that wet blocking will make it a little bit longer…and it worked like a magic! Even though it’s a little bit shorter that I initially hoped for, it’s still a wearable clapotis!
I’m so glad to be a proud owner of a clapotis! :D

The mods that I did other than making it smaller were purling sts that would be dropped instead of using stitch markers, and purling the sts tbl on the WS if it was k tbl on the RS.