Monday, July 13, 2009

My version of Babystøvler

I made these shoes as my friend's baby shower gift based on the pictures of FO's and the progress shots on Ravelry, since I couldn't get the original pattern anywhere.

After finishing this project, I found that I made a little less numbers of ridges at the toe than the original, but I like it as is.

Download the pattern in PDF format

Here is how I made my version of Babystøvler;

  • Yarn: DK / 8 ply weight yarn in 2 different colors
  • Needle: US5/ 3.75mm or size to get the gauge
  • Gauge: 6sts x 12rows (1”sq) in garter st
  • Finished size: New born size / 3.5 inches measured at seam of the sole
With main color, CO21sts.

Work 26 rows in garter st.

1st decrease row: k1, ssk, k to the end of the row
2nd decrease row: k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
Rep the two dec rows once more, and 1st dec row one more time. (16sts left)

1st increase row: k to last 1 st, m1, k1.
2nd increase row: k1, m1, k to the end of the row
Rep the two inc rows once more, and 1st inc row one more time. (21sts left)

Work 25 rows in garter st.

Next row: BO 9sts, k to the end of the row.

With contrasting color, work 4 rows in st st.
With main color, work 4 rows in rev st st.
Rep these 8 rows 3 more times, and work the 4 rows of st st in contrasting colors once more.

This is how it should look like from the wrong side when it's done knitting.

Fold it where the lines are drawn.

Graft stitches on the needle and the cast-on edge using kitchener stitch technique.

Then you will have something like this.

Sew the top edge of toe part using running stitch.

Pull the stitch tight to gather the top edge.

Sew the bottom edge of the toe part same way.

Graft the bottom edge of the bootie. Sew half stitch from each side to make the seam allowance as narrow as possible.

Sew couple of stitches at the bottom of the opening to make the ankle part stand up better.

Now you are done! :) Repeat the other side and admire the cuteness!

* Please use this pattern for personal / non-profit use only. You may use this pattern for charity knitting or to make projects for charity fundraising. Please do not post this pattern anywhere else without permission. Thanks.*


Maggie said...

I love these booties! I'm going to have to try these. Thanks so much for sharing you pattern! They're great!

SouthernComfortknc said...

Beautiful job! These will definately be my next project. Thank you for taking the time to share your pattern. It's much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Nice tuto ... thank you ...

Just not sure I understand how you sewed couple of the begginnig of the opening?

Calista Yoo said...

I just simply sew the openings with a tapestry needle.

Marian said...

Such cute booties! Did you bind off after completing the last colored part? That's where I am right now.

sherry said...

I am also at the same point as Marian. Do you cast off then sew?? I am new at making baby booties and am a little intimidated. Any help would be appreciated. Sherry at

Calista Yoo said...

I just sew the seams (where marked with heart shapes) without binding off using kitchener stitch, so that the seam can be thinner.
If it's easier for you, you can first bind off and then sew. But it will give you a slightly thicker seam.

Elizabeth C said...

I have just finished making these booties and they have turned out super cute..thank you so much for sharing the pattern.God bless.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Hi! I used your awesome pattern to make a gift for my friend's baby shower! I've posted pics here:

Thanks so much for the pattern!

Unknown said...

Thankyou so much i have been trying to get my hands on this pattern for a wile now. yay. Can't wait to start them :)

Anonymous said...

Amazing booties! I've been looking for the perfect booty pattern, maybe this is it! Thanks so much for sharing, and would love to see you at my international blog linking party
Craft Schooling Sunday @

Raza de soare said...

Adorable and thank you for the pattern!Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

love these booties. would like to see a picture of the bottom. don't you gather the bottom and the top of the toe? then how do you attach the gather to the bottom?

Suan said...

please can you tell what BO 9st means, thankyou Suan

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Suan,
BO means bind off.

Beena said...

I can,t bring the toe side ,cannula pls help

Beena said...

Hi , somehow I can't sew toe side nicely I mea don't know how to pls help me.i love these booties:)

Calista Yoo said...

Dear Readers,

Since my flickr account died (without notice)and the photos were gone,I got several inquiries on how to sew the bootie together. Due to my crazy work schedule, it took me a while to finally got around and knit one and take photos. Sorry for the delay for those who been waiting for my reply. Instead, this time I made a super detailed step-by-step instruction. I hope it's more helpful.
Thanks. :)

Unknown said...

thanks for your pattern!

Dronerg said...

I was bowled over by how great these little slippers looked so decided to set to and make some for my twin Grand-daughters. As they live int he UK and I live in France I wasn't sure what size they needed so I did a few. The pattern is so easy to adapt, by adding more or less stitches and the corresponding amount of rows. If I knew how to post a picture I would. Thanks again

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Charlee,

Thank you for your comments! I'm happy that you enjoyed my pattern.
Yes, I'd love to see your projects (and your twin grand daughters)!
If you have a Ravelry ID, you can follow the link above(with "r" sign) and post the pictures there. :)

Unknown said...

hi on the 1st dec row what does ssk mean thank you

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Noreen,

SSK means "slip, slip, knit 2 slipped stitches through the back loop". It creates a decreased stitch that slants to the left side.

Unknown said...

Absolutely delighted that I have been directed to your page - am knitting these little bootees for our third granddaughter due in January - I have the computer balanced on the arm of the computer whilst knitting - husband very jumpy....thank you so very much x

fzillion said...

what does the phrase "bootie call" mean?!?
womens booties

kitchnmaid Donna said...

Hi, I love these booties, but do you have a crochet version? I can knit, but I prefer to crochet. It wood be appreciated...thank you Donna

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Donna,

I didn't make a crochet version, but I think you could convert it to a crochet version by looking at the flat (before sewing) shape.

Judith Paton said...

I agree with Calista Yoo about crochet this bootie. I don't enjoy knitting but love to crochet. Starting today and see what will happen. Will keep you posted. Judith

Judith Paton said...

I agree with Calista Yoo about crochet this bootie. I don't enjoy knitting but love to crochet. Starting today and see what will happen. Will keep you posted. Judith

Rimma said...

Thanks for the detailed showing as related. I really liked it. I tie it to my little granddaughter.

Unknown said...


Calista Yoo said...


BO is acronym for "Bind Off"

LMW-Wing said...

I would love to Crochet these booties also. Has anybody made them in Crochet yet? I would love to have the instructions, too. Thanks for posting everyone.
I do want to thank you for sharing your instruction and how to make these. It is Much Appreciated.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for doing this!!! I have been looking for a pattern for these booties for ages!

Unknown said...

Love these thank you; I knit for prem and angel baby charity’s thanks again

Sherry Reeves said...

I love these but I’m having a difficult time with them. I know your super busy but a utube video would be ever so helpful! Maybe you can get someone to make a video for you if your too busy. I know there a lot of us that could benefit from it! Please with whip cream and a 🍒 on top!

Beena said...

Thank you so much ,I like you pattern .

esthermcd said...

Do you have a pattern for adults in the Stovler Booties?

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Esther,

I don't have an adult size pattern.
Some people asked in the past, but I thought it would be uncomfortable to walk on because it has a big knot on the sole. It doesn't matter for babies, since they can't walk yet.

Unknown said...

Love your booties
Looking for your pattern for
Babystovler baby hooded onesie

Calista Yoo said...

Hi, I haven't made any onesie pattern before. Could it be from someone else's blog? Thanks!

rosa said...

Hi, I love these booties but I need measurement for 6 month old. can you please guide me with it. I can't figure it out myself.
thank you so much.

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Rosa,

I'm not sure how big of a foot of a 6 month old baby, but in order to make it bigger, you can simply cast on a few more stitches (maybe begin with about 5-6 more stitches?) and then knit a few more rows in the garter stitch section(like 6 more rows before and after shaping the heel). You can cast off same number of stitches before going into the toe section, and keep the number or rows in the toe section the same as the pattern. I think it would get you a slightly bigger bootie. :)

Quddusi Kazmi said...

thanks for the pattern.I knitted for my 4 months grand daughter Anya.they are very cute,praying that they reach her in Germany-Kazmi