Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Projects from the Past : TEMPTATION

  • Finished: July 2005

  • Winner of the ATEXINC Excellence in Marketable Textile Design award given by The International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) Design Exhibition, 2005

  • Material: 100% Silk Charmeuse (skirt)/ 100% Silk Habotai (bodice)

This is a digitally designed and printed dress. I made this when I was in the master's course. The printing pattern was designed by myself. Part of the famous painting "Adam and Eve" by Albrecht Dürer was incorporated into the pattern with other elements I drew with Adobe illustrator. After that the it was printed on pre-treated silk charmeuse and silk habotai using a large fabric printer.

Using the digital design, complicated designs can be placed on seam and still be continuous across the seamlines. (I was going blind to match the patterns when I sewed them together, though.)


Anna said...

I had almost forgetten my question to you^^
I will of course give you all the cred when translating the purse.
And thank you very much!


Btw, the post ypu commented was about my work at the social services:P

Calista Yoo said...

LOL! I see. Thanks!

DANY said...

Hello, thanks for having responded. I managed to find closures of purses in a factory here in italy, but can not create a purse to crochet, because I do not have the exact instructions .......... See you soon and thanks again ....