Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bullion cushion..adding back side

This poor little thing was sitting in my UFO box for an year and half.

I actually don't own the pattern book, but I memorized only the front, standing at a bookstore when I was visiting Tokyo, because it was a very simple pattern. I didn't know how they finished the back on the book.

The reason why it has been an UFO for so long even though the front was all done is that I was disappointed how the front part turned out. Each bullion was not popping out like the one one the picture of the book, rather it was so flat. Also I couldn't make the sts between the bullions tight like the one in the picture. So I tossed the UFO in the box and forgot about it for long.

Then it showed up when I was organizing my yarn stash couple of weeks ago.
Yesterday, I was looking at the UFO, an idea suddenly came up in my head that adding back made of sc and dc might solve all the issues.

I tested on one bullion. That was right! It was not the pattern's fault! It was mine! Adding the back made the bullions pop out and the gap between each bullion became tight as the FO in the picture!

I was so excited and finished up in a few hours!

Here are some progress shots of how I finished up the back
I simply replaced the coil sts of the front with DC (TC in British crochet terms), and I picked the sts on the edge of the front side as I DC around.

I love how it pops out after adding the back.
If you compare the front two which have back and the ones behind without back, you will see the difference.

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