Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bullion stitch cushion..FO

I love it! Finally, I can sit comfortably on my wooden chair.
Now the problem is that it's too cute to sit on . :D


petrina said...

this is very cute!!

Lúcia said...

Olá, Calista,
lindos trabalhos, parabéns!

Marian said...

Do you have a pattern for these cute little flowers?

Presley said...

I am looking for pattern too.. Do you have one?

Calista Yoo said...

Hi Presley,

This pattern was on a Japanese crochet book, and I don't have a copy. I just memorized how to make it, because it is very simple.
Basically, I started with magic ring, then 9 sc, then on next row did 2 bullion stitches on each sc. Also as I work on the next bullion, I crocheted it as I attaching it to the previous ones.
(I hope it makes sense to you. )

Teminha said...

Adoro seu blog, acho maravilhoso... Você é muito talentosa! Beijos mil...

Calista Yoo said...

Thank you,Teminha!
( & I love google translate!)